Abraham and I climbed for over 8 hours from 14,000 to about 22,000. We stood on a thin ledge on hardened rock on the edge of a precipitous 2,000-foot cliff. Slightly above me was a small stone mound and I mounted it and stood tall facing the Heavens above.


I closed my eyes and became encircled in a blinding light and a voice called out and said all of my dreams could be realized.  I was surrounded by the most beautiful music of the universe and the blinding light enabled me to see visions unknown to all.

I saw all things before me:  I saw the past as well the end of the Universe. I saw what was before the beginning, what was and I could see what will be.  Time, energy, mass and everything all came together here in one unified incredible unexplainable display of kaleidoscopic colors.

I was told I could fly and roam the world as free as the wind, forever traveling across the sands of time and wander around alone and come and go without a trace. It would be in a playful wind forever

The voice said I could jump from this mountain perch and you know anyone that jumps from this mount, God will grant him his wish because the prophets told it to me.

With that Abraham said bob what are you doing.  I said I am going to fly.  He said come down here your are not ready.  He said only the panther has the eyes to see into the darkness and only the eagle has the power to fly and only the anaconda has the power to see into the future of time.

He said they (Snake, Panther and eagle) said the gods made a mistake and I am an anomaly and must come down, for my time has not come to fly.

So with that I came down and sat with Abraham, and then we turned around and climbed down.

We talked of what I saw and heard and I said Let’s roam the world together as free as the wind, just you and I across time forever. 

I ask you, lets float away like the one that jumped from the mountain cliff and forever- be free, the prophets never lie!!

It will be true if we believe the prophets, as a faithful heart, makes the words come true.