He was incurable for he did not wish to be cured.  He cared nothing for coordination and a place in the scheme of things nor did he care for following the path of subordination in the hierarchy.

He lived in a land of broken dreams where vapors were flying across the sky throwing shadows across his eyes and he slept in the frozen silence with the lonely crowd where the shadows ran from themselves.  He said “there are no colors anymore, only darkness” and he only wished to feel his skin against the wind against the sun. He lay down in the long grass and let the rain fall down but could not see where the clouds were going.  He started to let the night surround him.

So he woke up to a new way and a new day with eyes to see the sun and took to the sky like a bird in flight and was lifted from the burdens of repression and set sail on wooden boat for a land across the sea. For the first time he felt his own needs just beginning. his dreams filled his billowing sails.

He rode across the sea of tranquility and listened to the wind whistle in his ears and like a flash of white light his passed through the window behind the stars to walk up upon a new land with a new way with white sandy beaches a dark country and a swift sunrise to walk where no mortals dare.  He caught life on the fly to live in eternity’s sunrise.