THE HERO:  Just kind of thought what I like in a person.  I see these attributes in guides on the mountain.  

For me a  person stands out,  if his nature has rendered him able to let his individuality be perfectly absorbed in its hierarchic function without forfeiting his vigorous fresh and admirable outstanding qualities  (comittment, honesty, integrity, performance and compassion), which makes for the worth of the individual. 

This person I speak about, will rise to the highest levels and he will always seek out what others fear and  what they loathe. For the pain and suffering that he may feel or what may befall him in his challenges, gives him energy and a purpose and it actually brings him happiness,  for at the end, he will reach enlightenment by achieving his goals.  He does this with the up most  of compassion  by helping others to achieve their goals even at the risk of sacrificing himself or his goals at times. 

Withdraw and failures are not options for he is a soldier and he bravely marches into battle together with his team.  He is the one that will be the first one to step on to the field of battle and  bravely lead his men and  will be the last one to leave and no one will ever be left behind, that his word. He only moves forward and he only seeks justice, the right path and enlightenment in his actions.  

Personally, I find reverence in the memory of those that have risen to the occasion, that sought out adventure, and moved forward to reach their highly placed goals,  especially where others had stopped in their quest light years before. 

So, I look so forward to following this code and to the challenges that may fall before us.  My prior failures, I feel them sting my face sharply and it pains my spirit and mind for ever giving in or stopping in the pursuit of my goals. 

So I seek out the god of the mountain that resides at the summit and to give her prayers of thanksgiving on the top with you all.   From the summit we shall stare across eternity into a new land with white sandy beaches, a dark green country and a sharp sunrise to live with the gods where silver horse plant down radiant moonbeams on the glassine sea. Together we will wage a mighty war to the top, but I hope and pray we will give the prayer of thanksgiving at the top together and I assure you no one will be left behind,