Symmetry God’s gift to we humans and all of life and everything we know and partake of:

I thought of this in Bolivia while traveling in a very remote desert.  In the Desert Solar De Uyuni is saw symmetry in the salt crystals and in everything around us.

I see symmetry in everything that surrounds us.  It has a myriad incarnations in the innumerable patters designed by nature.  The simply pattern of a flower bloom and its petals, the motion of the wings of a hummingbird, the animals that inhabit the earth, the leaves on a tree or the very simple yet special snowflake design.

One can look no further than the arts: music, dance, poetry and architecture to find symmetry.  In Bach’s fugue or Escher’s art masterpieces or the ballet one can visually see symmetry. The simple beating of a drum is a simple sequence of symmetries.

If you look at science look at math, physics and biology wow so much is symmetry and harmony.  For every positive integer there is a corresponding negative integer.  In biology the reverse transcript DNA holding our chromosomes is beautiful to see.  AGCT over and over again and we are born and grown in symmetry.  In Astronomy we se the moon travel around the earth in symmetry and look at fractals wow they blow me away.

So when I traveled into the desert I saw these most beautiful salt symmetrical hexagonal structures for over 2000 square miles all on top of the salt plain.  You can see them in my photos as well as the story on Bolivia.  I saw the beautiful pattern of the salt and then I saw the cactus and its patterned coat of skin that on the small islands that sparsely populated the sea of white salt that was 10 meters deep.  I saw the beautiful red orange flamingoes and all other life and at night I saw the sky spin over time in a most symmetrical way.

As I traveled in the wilderness I realized we were all connected to some force in which there is symmetry and harmony. And where there is not symmetry and harmony there is defect.

So I gave thanks for all that I have and all I have learned.  In everything I see symmetry now and nothing is spared.  I wonder what will be on the other side.