The Wilderness

I wrote this in the Rajistani desert and of the freedom the desert brings one even in death!!

I traveled into the wilderness – into the desert where the ground is parched, hard and scorched. It is where golden waves of serpentine sand  that reach the void above, slowly snake their way across the hard pan.  

Golden eagles soar above  in silent arcing grace.  Their talons glistened as they reflected the blinding rays of the omnipresent sun looking for their next kill. Our eyes made contact as they sailed by  and just as quickly they  disappeared into the horizon where they found another.  

It is a place where the wind knows not its place. It is  a tempest and it howled like an angry lion in the wilderness that day. My eyes were stung from the sharp crystals that were blown across the desert.  I roared in defiance but the wind did not hear my voice, as it will never know its place!  

Does it not seem that everything is drifting away on the wind!  Have we not lost everything to modern life?   Is there not one thing in our life that is worth loosing everything for?  I say, let there be Jihad, and then I promise you, Inshallah, I will see you again, when we are both like golden clouds racing on the wind.

The blue sky above the earth, White clouds rising towards the heavens, Life is only the butterflies dream, Death is the only way to eternal Life