I visited Afghanistan and really like the place.  It is sad that all we see is war.  I really did want to open an very cool retreat in the North along the river for tourists- one would never find an American here.  I know it sounds like BS but so ti was. I met Afridi, his nephew, and saw bombed out buildings and I have a photo of Hektymyer now a 20,000,000 dollar bounty.  We are now in talks with him the last I heard.  

So here is the story:

My father before me, the watch maker of Herat, used his monocle and gear – tweezers to pick a splinter from my ring finger.  Egypt (not Qutb’s, Tuts) believed this finger bore a vein that drained directly to the heart.

My father’s father before him had irises of a bactrian hazel, dating back to the third century B.C.    They are the eyes of an ancient rapist who traveled here wit Alexandria’s army: but they are the only keepsakes I have.

His father before him was a mountain man and came down to Herat to trade a horse.  Herat took his horse at knifepoint and gave him a cough that killed him and his brothers.

his father before him shot two British soldiers with a carbine that liked to buck left. The regiment was all Red-Coated highlanders, who brought their bagpipes to the hindu Kush.

His Third shot sparked strange in the breech and peppered his face.  His father before him, a decorator of Korans, bandaged his only apprentice’s eyes

My Ring finger is an inkwell full of Royal Blood; my language, fired tiles and tessellation. Today I stand outside an electrified fence and watch a gun ship’s rotors spin down>

My generations stand behind me in a row, and the draft sets us spinning in place: Sufi pinwheels, seizing any wind as an excuse for ecstasy

When you go in you better carry and know how to use the gear so:

I was born with a 6-gun in my hand and choose a gun and threw away the sun and will always be on the run till the day I die!! I love to kill in cold blood and we are one bad company.  I’ll make my final stand behind the gun until the day I die .  That’s why they call me Bad company and I can’t deny it,

Have good friends that will lay down their life and I can promise they will

Wicked cool place, one of the finest. Arrived the first time at the end of the war with Russia then returned as the Taliban came to power in 1993 when they hung a warlord commander on a tank turret. I Traveled with the safety blanket of Afridi’s nephew and visited his home on the border area in the tribal area of Pakistan. I saw all the heroin labs and the opium converted -very cool.  Brown tar balls let you see the vision.

Opium Buyer/seller in back ground

We were all carrying small arms of course as there was a $20,000 thousand dollar bounty reward if taken by a kidnapper.

Dude:  Fully Automatic locked, loaded and safety on

Smoking cool as soon as you crossed from Pakistan proper into Pershawer and then into the tribal areas- heroin, hash, guns, RPGs.  The guys were just walking around with AK47’s,  wicked cool stuff.  Saw the polo style play with a headless stuffed goat.

Open for business Very fine equipment, you name it we got it including currency trading in the back room with great rates.  Back room deals, never better, RPG’s, fully Auto, PETN, you need it we got it. You know if you have PETN , you can mold and form it and it so incredible holding this substance that can blow stuff to kingdom come.  Attach it to a gasoline tanker with or without some O2 canisters and wow it goes big.The night sky comes alive in a beautiful eclipse of bright light.  Ones mind falls in love with  =C(CH2OH)4 + 4 HNO3 → C(CH2ONO2)4 + 4 H2O I can not stop dreaming about the stiff putty. lets take a ride together.  The only thing better is placing our little gift in a ocean going shipping tanker filled with LNG with a boat load of o2 canisters,  wow I can not imagine,  lets ride the boat to heaven in a halo of crimson fire on the dragon that flies on the racing wind acorss time forever. You know I have a secret, secret secret yes I do.  There are three SFM left. DAI did not buy them all back!!  And they sting shaply.  Our old friend now in hiding,  Gul Hetkemyer.,  a blast from the past,  has 3 hidden but all things are procured for a price . Only in death do we find freedom from the binds of the hierarchy .   I can only say  the war has saddened me so I can not sleep. If not me, who has the strength to bring order to heaven and earth.  And I wait,  waiting for the one thing that will infinitely enhance my life:

My friend saw a very cool dog fight in a pit in Mazzar Sharif in the north under the control of Dutsom.  Another very cool friend shot live photos of Gul Hektemyer now a 20 million dollar bounty.  I love this place, pure commerce, no oversight. I spoke to Karsi (the brother) and stated I wanted to set up a tourist destination place here called hotel incognito with pool, squash, tennis and badminton and so on. Would have apricot trees, classical Indian music, servants serving warm Japatis covered in honey and tea in the morning over looking the valley and an opium smoking den for the afternoon dreaming session, time to dream the dream