Biologicals and my demented mind

I am an expert in “CRISPER” 

Biologicals and my demented mind

I was incurable for I did not wish to be cured.  I cared nothing for coordination and a place in the scheme of things nor did I care for following the path of subordination to the hierarchy. I lived in a land of broken dreams where vapors were flying across the sky throwing shadows across my eyes.  I slept in the frozen silence with the lonely crowd where the shadows ran from themselves.  I said, “there are no colors anymore, only darkness” and I started to let the night surround me. For me, the world had fallen into a land of evil.  Harlots, fornication, drunkenness and lewdness prevailed.  Life had fallen into the deep abyss where the shadows ran from themselves.

As a child I was rebuked and everyone distanced themselves from me, I had quirks they said- I had no friends, but I did have my mind especially when it came to science and math, they came easily. As I traveled through time, I became even more of a loner and I loved the sciences and biology, they came to me like manna from heaven or music to Bach. Biology was music to my ears.  I was granted a full scholarship to Hopk—but I also become more withdrawn with deeper quirks and I had no friends.  However, the more withdrawn I became, the more I saw the understanding of God’s gift and secrets of Biology and codes to life.

I became a bioengineering specialist and was an expert in “CRISPER” and it came easily and I could feel and taste DNA and the nucleotides comprised of the amino acids AGCT.  These DNA codes and the reverse transcript that comprised life I could feel, taste and see and I new and learned all of the secrets God had created and at the same time it angered me so to see the world turn from Gods ways.  I knew I would be God’s administer of justice for the world’s sins that were being committed.  I now knew I could find the keys to life and I had a mission.

These human cretins that tortured me for so many years only grew more and more distant with the passing of years- they became my silent enemies. But my lab, yes my lab and my understanding of science and biology became my lover and then I found my goal in which I have been so tormented about.  I cannot sleep as I am driven crazy by the sickness in my mind but I must complete the task before me that the omnipresent one gave me to allow my mind to sleep.

Hours and hours I work in my lab creating an old life force that humans so loathe.  I created from scratch by bioengineering and I resurrected THE “Red Plague” that had long devastated the country in the past.

No pestilence had ever been so fatal, or so hideous since. Blood and pustules were its Avatar and its seal — the redness and the horror of blood. There were sharp pains, and sudden dizziness, and the pustules and profuse bleeding at the pores, with dissolution. The scarlet stains and boils upon the body and especially upon the face of the victim were the signs which shut him out from the aid and from the sympathy of his fellow men.

Yes I was to recreate an orthopoxviruses virus and specifically the  – Variola Major or the Small Pox virus in its most virulent form – the hemorrhagic form.  Yes it took so much time and research but that is why I could not sleep. It maddened me as I worked countless hours all through the night and into the morning and afternoon.  Nothing gave me reprieve.

I excavated bodies known to have had the “pox” from the grave and sampled their tissue. I spent countless hours doing research on the genetic code from governmental sources where I worked deep in (ARMD and CDC Level 4 Biohazard lab) and I used my contacts in the Soviet Union in their Biological section in Koltsovo Russia as well to try to get a sample and as well as other research to determine the code that is the layering of amino acids and genes.

So I traveled to Africa where I gathered some Monkey Pox Virus.  To bring it back to my lab, I infected myself, that is awesome. From my own host, I cultured the monkey poxvirus. From this Monkey Pox Virus, I manipulated the genes by inserting and deleting key genes to recreate my precious, my precious, “VIRIOLA MAJOR” the doubled stranded DNA genome – yes I was empowered by the first and the last- the one that was the owner of the day of resurrection. But It took years and years of hard work to insert and delete and manipulate those various amino acids and genes from the monkey virus to change it into the living force for it to come back to life as Viriola Major.   My mind would not rest until I finished the work God gave me to do.  I asked myself, how could these lowly humans eradicate this beautiful virus, the audacity of these human cretins?

Slowly now and with much effort, the code came to me and before I knew it, it was there in front of me and I rejoiced.  Now I was going to give life to the friend that could cull the wicked from the good. 

It was my precious, my precious, you have given me life and you are my love, for you I am alive.  I could finally sleep and my madness seemed over now, to know I brought back and created the force to give me power over the wicked. Now I was going to make this tiny little being go into a dormant stage and inserted it into a Strep Bacterium.  The Strep was from my ARMD Bio-lab where I worked but my home lab now was just as good as the ARMD lab, so I was empowered to grow this living force, I was so excited.

Into my lab I delved and I grew this awesome and powerful force that would bring the heavens and all of its glory down upon those wicked that inhabited the earth.  Woe be to those that sought wicked ways and never repented.  I turned the bacterium with the dormant Virus inside, into a weapons grade aerosol powder and I also created liquid ampoules labeled – “Influenza vaccine”.  I shipped the ampoules around the world for the yearly flue vaccination schedule and in the aerosols they were labeled “ air freshener” for Aircraft and were free to all of the airlines for them to try on their flights. I was so happy, my demented mind was cured and the world was at my mercy. It broke out like a fire on accelerants around the world.  It started with lyses of the many infected cells with the virus populating the bloodstream, the spleen and lymph nodes.  Then the person started to feel sick and then came the lesions, headache, fever, muscle pain, malaise, nausea, vomiting, and total litharge

It is my precious my precious, and it exploded around the world–the lesions, they were beautiful and they covered the body inside and outside. At this point the maculae’s first appear on the forehead, then rapidly spread to the whole face and then to the extremities, the trunk, and lastly to distal portions of extremities. The process takes no more than 24 to 36 hours, so it spreads quickly. I created the hemorrhagic small poxvirus the most deadly, which is usually fatal, to take the wicked from the good.  No one was spared from the wrath of God and woe to those that do not head is word and I was his minister.

The world saw its end, woe is to those that hear the word and do not repent for theirs shall be suffering. And then the world ended as we knew it.

I awoke up to a new way and a new day with eyes to see the sun and took to the sky like a bird in flight and was lifted from the burdens of repression. For the first time I felt my own needs just beginning and my dreams filled my billowing sails. I saw the Lamb and He rode across the sea of tranquility on a white horse and I  listened to the wind whistle in the firmament above and like a flash of white light we chosen few, passed through the window behind the stars to walk up upon a new land with a new way with white sandy beaches a dark country and a swift sunrise to walk where no mortals dare.  Here the nations shall need no sun or moon, for the Glory of God will give the nations light.  We caught life on the fly to live in eternity’s sunrise.