He lived in the borderlands. He lived in both this world and the others and traveled between the two.

Unlike most, he cared nothing for coordination and a place in the scheme of things nor did he care for following the path of subordination to the hierarchy.  He followed his dreams and way of life.

I thought he would never live a long time as he walked the precarious knife ridges that life offered and he was bound way to tight.  But it was not he that died early but those that surrounded and loved him the most.

Most were drawn to him and were enamored but I being a mystic was at times scared.  Those eyes, yes it was those piercing blue eyes that glistened brightly, they looked directly through you and the long flowing hair projected an attitude of wildness or craziness. If you coupled this with his total disregard for the hierarchy, I just was always nervous- he was like a powder keg about to explode but at the same time calculating and silent and calm.  He was the ying and the yang or East and West all at the same time.  He was polarized and driven he was everything at the same time.

He was half in this world and half in another and wow to those that attempted harm against those he love, for they the power of the gods reigned down terror  in torrents.

Yes it was he that lived a long time and he live in the borderlands of two worlds.  When his death came it was a good death.  It was a mighty battle and he fought bravely and it was an honorable and good death.

There are no makers for the grave for it all happened in the borderlands between the two worlds but you must believe me it was an honorable death