Eternities Sunrise

I was incurable for I did not wish to be cured.  I cared nothing for coordination and a place in the scheme of things nor did I care for following the path of subordination in the hierarchy. I lived in a land of broken dreams where vapors were flying across the sky, throwing shadows across my eyes and I slept in the frozen silence with the lonely crowd where the shadows ran from themselves.  I said, “there are no colors anymore, only darkness” and I only wished to feel my skin against the wind against the sun. I lay down in the long grass and let the rain fall down around me.  I started to let the night surround me. For me, the world had fallen into a land of evil.  Harlots, fornication, drunkenness and lewdness prevailed.  Life had fallen into the deep abyss where the shadows ran from themselves.

I can say I heard a trumpet cry and its voice said  “come up here and I will show you what must take place in the time to come”  The vision, It was a vision of ecstasy.  In the throne of Heaven was a gem, like a sparkle and a rainbow as brilliant as an emerald, the Lord of all that exists both seen and unseen, the first and the last – Alpha and Omega, the most Gracious and most Merciful.  It was He who was the owner of the day of resurrection.  From that throne came thrashes of thunder and lightening and there were many creatures surrounding the throne.  The angles sang day and night “holy holy holy is the Lord God Almighty, He who was and He who is and He who will come. 

 So I awoke and was called to the supper and crowned to bring the justice of the lord upon the wicked. I was called to jihad and was proclaimed the eighth Angle of death and my authority was so great that all of the earth was lighted before me, woe to those that that fell out of favor for they shall burn forever.  

I rode the white horse onto the field of battle and I was called “The Faithful and True” and justice was my standard,  blessed be God forever.  My eyes blazed like fire and on my head were many diadems.  I came to administer the justice of the Lord. 

My sword was swift and sharp. From my mouth came a sharp sword to take out the chaff from all that opposed me.  It glowed in the night sky and silver moonbeams rained down from the sky and lighted my way as I rode on my fire snorting steed to do battle on the hard land of winter. I wore a cloak that  was covered in the blood of the wicked

At my side, rode the woman clothed in the sun. She appeared in the sky and the moon was under her foot (brother-sun , sister-moon).  And then the ring Wraiths appeared, each with seven heads and ten horns and their tails swept the bright stars from the sky (all was lost) and judgment was upon all of those that opposed the lord God’s way.

Our swords were swift and we brought the plagues that took out many (causing boils and vast suffering) and the sun scorched the rest and burned the men with fire.  For those left, the golden eagles which soared with us and filled the air with squelching unlike anything ever heard, rent their bodies apart and devoured their flesh with their sharpened talons that glowed bright in the night sky.

So, when we held the beast’s head high for all to see, those left alive pledged allegiance to us and then we left for a new land.

I awoke to a new way and a new day with eyes to see the sun and took to the sky like a bird in flight and was lifted from the burdens of repression and set sail on wooden boat for a land across the sea. For the first time I felt my own needs just beginning and my dreams filled my billowing sails. I rode across the sea of tranquility on a white horse and listened to the wind whistle in the firmament above and like a flash of white light we chosen few passed through the window behind the stars to walk up upon a new land with a new way, one with white sandy beaches a dark green country and one with a swift sunrise to walk where no mortals dare.  

We caught life on the fly to live in eternity’s sunrise