Wow all revolutions start out with pristine goals and  end up distorted, killing and maiming innocent people plus those at the top enjoy all the fruits they wage war against. Pol Pot, Mao Te-sung, and the Head of the Sendero Luminoso all enjoyed the finer things of life and Pol Pot and Mao wow they were one sick set of dudes.

It is not a social dinner or literary event, nor is it a drawing or embroidery. It cannot be done in elegance or courtesy. The REVOLUTION is an act of VIOLENCE.

With the whistling wind in our ears, will took to the sky like a bird in flight on powerful steeds that breath fire and brimstone .  With mighty eagles and their razor sharp talons that glow bright at our sides leading the way, we brought the violence of the sun upon our enemies on the hard land of winter. All that oppose us ran  in fear and cowered in the darkness where the shadows ran from themselves. We slayed all that opposed us until the rivers ran crimson with our enemies blood.  The eagles rented apart the enemy and gorged themselves on the flesh of those slain and we laid waste and destruction upon their lands until all was left in smoldering smoke and ash.  We will held the severed head of the beast on a stake for all to see until the masses pledged allegiance to us, their new masters.

Then we  flew to a new land with a new way and with eyes to see the sun we passed across a deep chasm where no others could follow and watched sliver horses plant down radiant moonbeams on the sea of tranquility before walking up upon a new country with white sandy beaches, a dark green country and a quick sunrise to live where no mortals dare.  We caught life on the fly to live in eternities sunrise — live free or die mother Fu–.