War Trophy

War Trophies:   Wow this son of a bitch is one tough bastard.  I can’t cut his head off.  I guess I should start from the beginning.

I am a Langley approved private contractor assigned to lead our special K.P.F. team above to obliterate the enemy- I came out of the military special teams group.  We operate out of a small fire-base with little oversight on a SOG team that is inserted very deep.  Autonomy is better for me anyway, I can kill those mother Fu-kers that are the enemy without having to check with the fu-king lawyers. 

Ok so when I first went into battle I would take from those I killed the sabers, guns or knives as war memorabilia.  It was pure pleasure knowing I had won the engagement and they had lost and it was very cool to hang the war trophies in the abode I was staying in to show them off.  After some time I thought these items helped to keep me alive so I started to take ears and would wear the ears on a belt around my waist.  They were cool and they acted like an amulet.

As time went on I would carry the dead and have them nailed on a cross upright as a sign to our enemy to stay away.  It  was the most natural way for the body to go back into the ground anyway as the animals fed off of the corpse and it sent a message to our enemies.

We also took no prisoners – why.  I would kill them all- either you are with me or not. If not with me, I will slaughter you and everything around you and burn the entire village.  Scorched earth policy always seems to work best!!

When a new member to our  team came on board,  I made him execute at least four enemy prisoners at the first chance in the back of the head with my 9 MM- it works.  Then I would gut the bastard and cut the liver from the body and throw it on a red hot skillet for dinner.  It was cool to watch the liver jump around the skillet as it was popping and sizzling.  I told my men it was good protein with plenty of iron to keep us going and that we would save the rations for the times we needed them.  

(Getting excited about going into battle above!!!) I guess this is where I started to get more philosophical.  I realized when I saw the head destroyed I thought that was a mistake.  I thought we should save the head by severing it from the body.  I took my scalpel ( I am wilderness certified)  and meticulously resected the skin from the fascia bone. The skin was treated and I personally stuffed it myself.  I then boiled the skull  and bleached it to destroy the left over genetic material and dried it in the sun.  I then created my amulet that I love, it is my precious my precious.  

So I made my men wear these stuffed skinheads around their necks and carry at least one bleached scull as a way to protect themselves.  As I sit back in the camp, my middle and index finger probe the empty eye sockets of the bleached head of the enemy I had killed last week.  I favorably fondle the eye sockets and rub the skull with my hand.  It is somewhat smooth as I rubbed the skull with some abrasive paper in the process of creating my amulet.  I feel kindly towards this man now that he is protecting me and I give him thanks and praise.  It sit there and rub the scull, it is my precious, my precious and I am most grateful.  I gave him eyes to see in the darkness, I placed glassine marbles in his eyes and the light from my table shines on his eyes.    He can see into the night sky and he protects me while I sleep.  I have found peace, love and happiness in my man that I killed!!

You know, I cannot leave this place.  It gives me energy and meaning.  Can you imagine going back to a desk job with a fucking demanding wife and screaming  kids?  Wow I would have to kill myself.  There is nothing like seeing action and having the fruits of my labor and they are the war trophies.  I ask you to come and serve with me there is no other way.  It might be me one day protecting my enemy if he gets the upper hand,  that will be ok for they are the spoils of war.  Lets all go out and kick some fu- a!!

The Sun struggled all day long behind monsoon clouds before finally being extinguished by the rotating earth!!

Bad Ass for certain

below the local militia part of my team, the bad ass killing team remain anonymous