This is dedicated to Ahmad Massoud -Ahmad was an incredible warlord in the north of Afghanistan.  He warned the United States of the impending attack by Bin Laden and we did nothing.  He was a cool dude and I have one of the hats that he wore ( not one of his) but a similar one. Also in some regards I can honor or respect the Warlords of Afghanistan like Hektmyer and of course Khu Sa of Burma.  They held off the Russians, and many other organized States.  They may be brutal but they did manage their territory. I am writing a book titled “The Last Warlords” It will be informative.  This is dedicated to Ahmad Massoud!!!


I see them on the other side waiting patiently for me. Rather than run I must watch it all unfold.  I head across the empty field. The wheat stubble crackles under my foot and the swift wind sends the thin cover of snow swirling into the air like ghost dancers.  The wind whistles across the hard land of winter  and I look up at the roiling clouds and keenly feel the sharp bite of the frigid wind that is blowing and I wish to feel it as deeply as possible. The snow is coming harder and enormous flakes fill the air, exciting it, making it tremble with life.   They all rise now and I watch them approach, they are near enough now for me to see snowflakes on their eyelashes, near enough for accuracy.  With good discipline, all kneel, I look above them at the pewter sky, the eagles sail overhead in silent grace on the wind, like ghost ships sailing away into the horizon. Below them, the wolves are quarreling, waiting for the spoils.

The war has saddened me so I can not sleep. If not me, who has the strength to bring order to heaven and earth.  And I wait,  waiting for the one thing that will infinitely enhance my life: