Pivate Contrators

Concerning private contractors, Intelligence officers and political appointees :

You can always tell a contractor, they never make conversation and try to steer the conversation away from themselves and to you. These people can seem like ordinary people but they are CIA. As an example:

In Pakistan this group that calls itself DAD (must use a false name). They manage for a profit AID projects. They ran a seed distribution operation in Peshawar Pakistan. They were distributing seeds in Afghanistan however it was prohibited by congress to be in Afghanistan that is why it was located in Peshawar,. The cost was 9 million dollars over three years to cover seed distribution. The real goal was Stinger missile repurchases from the Warlords- I love war Lords and want to write a book titled “ The Last Warlords” featuring: Khun Sa, Gul Hekmetyar, Dotsum . Masud

In Thailand, I came across this guy on the Burma Thai Border near Bin Hi Tek (near the heroin war Lord Khun Sa), in a bar. He stated he saw me in Burma because he flew helicopters. I stated I wanted to interview Khun Sa and was looking for poppy fields and he stated there were not any here and Khun Sa escaped across the border. He stated he was a contractor and flew helicopters here in Thailand and down the Mekong and in Mexico. We spent the night in his home with a pool and a BMW motorcycle, on the border. That guy was the edge and worked both sides, I blew early in the morning.

Where is Michael Jon Hand ( Laos and Austrailia) and why is he not prosicuted and what is he doing now? There are more stories. You can find out a lot by traveling that most people never have a clue about. The amount of money the US government wastes is incredible and unbelievable and the things they are involved with most would not believe.

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D.A.I – love those stingers and expensive seeds, Southern Air transport – Hasenfus lived to tell the story and took down the house, SAT = Nicaragua, El Salvador, Rwanda, and B. Seals, ST Circus = Leadville escapees and the India and the Tilicho lake conection, Lynx – why fly to Guantanamo, Tony Poshepy = let the heads fly, Edgar Buell – good job growing the poppies, Bill Young – keep the opium, Gul Hekmatyar – How to con the US into getting weapons, Shadow Circus – Mustang lives on even abandoned, Aeeortk – why fly into Columbia, Avient Aviation – yes we do not fly weapons, why ask that question. My new hero is Douglas Edelman and his companies: the burger joint in Kyrgyzstan, and Mina and Rd Star enterprises. Long live Gibraltar, The Cayman’s, Isle of Man, Vanautu, Mauritius, Turks, Cook islands and Jersey. Doug, you rock, you have the foresight to go in and then go deeper. Watch your backside, if your not government or a “contractor” remember, governments get jealous and want to take it all!! Good luck, I wish I was there with you making it all happen!! Wow Victor Bont, I want to write a story about him as a supplier to war lords. We say he is a arms trafficker, ok so what is the US- the largest arms dealer in the world.r