Ollie and Mary Jean


Mary Jean and Ollie met “Down the Ocean Hon” .  After a brief dating period they were engaged and then had an elegant wedding at the Baltimore Cathedral

Their wedding reception was tat the Baltimore Country club and what a party the had

And then the kids came: mom with me and Tom and Jean on way


We grew up with live in uniformed servants, Mable Author, Marry and Dave and they were awesome

And we were very religious celebrating all the holidays 

They moved for a very short time into Rodgers Forge and then quickly moved into a stone mansion called the “Summerhill Castle”

They hosted many elegant parties for their friends 

 MJ below on right 

And they had great music for their guests 

At Times they would rent this boat from John Voneiff’s Uncle and have superb parties – party up

After one year of marriage they started to have children: Bob, Tom Jean and Joan

and my parents hosted great parties for we children as well.  At Summer Hill we had live in uniformed staff,  Mable and Arthur and they were awesome.  They lived in our home and we were blessed and Dave and Mary came years later.  Photo below os of we four kids, Sun Bonnet our horse and Arthur 

As we aged our parents kept us focused on school and engaging life 

We moved into an amazing home called Wyndon below = awesome 

and here is the guest bedroom below yea sign me up


They were an amazing couple and dad was the premier business man and he became the president of Schenuit Tire Company while it was a private family owned company.  Then as president he took Schenuit  public. Mom was a professional model for Walters Academy Modeling company.

 My parents were very active in sports: tennis, golf, bowling, biking, skiing.  My mom was also a renowned traveler having climber 1,000 above the base camp of Mt. Everst. 


Here is mom and Dad skiing in Aspen where they owned a rather large home with a 20 by 40 foot indoor heated swimming pool = yea and an outdoor tennis court.



 Yes and we had some blowout parties in Aspen below and that is where I met Arden 


Some years later Dad sold it and I lambasted them for selling it years later = WHAT was that about selling their home 

WE were a biking family starting in the mid 1970’s and would travel the east coast to bike: from Vermont to Nantucket to Rhode Island to Pennsylvania and Maryland to name a few. We would also bike in Aspen where they had their home

For fun we would river raft and travel and or go on sailing adventures

Sail or raft engage life to the max

My parents together were very savy  business people.  They purchased those “castles” at a huge discount and then bought 1/2 bock of Ocean city for nothing and then purchased around 7 lots in Marco for nothing and then purchased the largest ocean front property in Delaware for cheap .  

Enjoying my parents save business practices down on their beach property where we hosted festive parties – we kids were lucky

We also travel and below is a photo from Bermuda .  We visited England and Switzerland back in the 1960’s, Joan went to Peru in the late 1960’s and so on

Various photos below 

Here we are in skiing in the mid 1980 below

The home in Aspen





Tom Albania great friends of mom and dad below