Perfect Asia Tour

JAPAN:  Start with Kyoto Japan

VIETNAM:  Then Hanoi, Vietnam staying at the Metropole and do Halong Bay and SAPA staying at Victoria Sapa.  Watch water puppets, go to markets, opera, hike with the hill tribes and kayak on Halong Bay

LAOS: Then visit Luang Prabang Laos , staying in the Presidential Palace. Take a Mekong River trip to the caves and another day do the water falls and enjoy the town

CAMBODIA:  Then go to Siem Reap and visit Angkor Wat, Stay at Raffles  and see all the sites in the 13 square mile park and do the lake.  Try to sail if possible down the Mekong to Phnom Pen.  Stay at the Raffles and tour the city and its parks and temples and see a “shadow Puppet Show”

THAILAND: Then go to Bangkok and stay at the Mararin Orential (the CIA had a place there back in the 60’s) .  See all the sites and hire a driver.  Then go to Chaing Rae and Chaing Mai and do a hill tribe trek.  Go to Binh Hi Tek and visit with the grndson of the opium war lord there a Chinese general from Chaing Kai Chek (spelling) .  Then go south to Ko Pi Pi island and go diving, and swimming and to the caves .

BURMA:  go to Rangoon – Shredegon Pagoda and town sites then go to Inle Lake and then Pagan -now called Bagan.  Take a river cruise back down to. Stay at the Strand – at one time the greatest hotel in Asia


SINGAPORE:  Stay at Raffels and visit the incredible industrious town and hardworking and educated peoples