Northern Areas

We went to Chang Rai, Chaing Mai, all along the border area with Burma and into Burma illegally to find opium


This is Burma above as photoed from Thialand.  Dude, I got busted here in Burma with no passport just cash.  It all worked out.  Please be my guide for a price I said the the officers.  GO for it if in trouble.  We also traveled  all along the Loation border across the river.

At the border.  Got busted in Burma illegally.  “tips” go along way to making all things work!!

Here we are at the border on our motor bike going looking for Khun Sa, the heroin war lord.  He fled into Burma, SUA he rules.  He died a few years ago.  Wow he ruled the area.  SUA and Khun Sa, I wanted to interview him so bad but got busted trying out of Doi Mae Salong.

Riding elephants for a day.  A little touristy but that is ok once in a while.

We camped in huts on the Thia border kind of interesting.  Everyone was smoking tired from smoking Opium

This is a village we stayed in above and we de-shelled the  rice for the villagers. They had great opium!!

had to try it below

Yes, I never inhaled, just made the photo. This is some of Khun Sa’s fine agricultural production at its best.  Cool though wouldn’t you say!!.

we trekked all through the border area.

and river rafted.  I almost broke my foot as it smashed into a rock.

That is me above.  The boys hit it hard the night before yes it was a late night.

Sorry I forgot I went into this cave that was like 3 miles long and about 1 mile in my light went out, wow I will never go into a cave again, it was totally dark and this was not RAD at the time.  I had to be rescued not cool at all.

and so on.  More details to follow.