Eastern Europe

This was a REI bike trip through Eastern Europe (Prague to Budapest)

As well as a Viking River Cruise from Bucharest to Budapest below.  See each post to the left for more details about the 7 countries visited


Did we have fun or what – you guess

Did we have fun or what above, wow over the top

It was a 12 day event with our add on in a small group of 12 people now friends below.


We started the event in Prague below

and ended in Budapest below.

Along the way we traveled through the heartland of Slovakia, Austria and Hungary on bikes

visiting many churches

and UNESCO sites like TELC below

attended many a fine concert

and dined on fine cuisine

all the while staying in fantastic hotels.  I must say without a doubt REI, the staff, the accommodations and everything went off in a most professional way – thank you REI and of course their reps: Monica, Bohmil and Andrew.  And Lastly I am grateful for our riding partners.  Ok on to the Check Republic and Prague.