Please see tab on left for more details as I did: ** a cruise to four different islands, *** did the 4 Islands 5 day Epic bike race, ***Rode my bike 350 miles through 5 different Balkan countries ending in Croatia . On the Five Balkan country bike ride we ended in Osijek, Croatia: We arrived at Vukovar Croatia around noon.  This was ground zero in the war and we saw destroyed bulidings like this water tower below.  The Bata shoe factor that employed 20,000 people was leveled wow


We disembark for an afternoon excursion to the charming Croatian city of Osijek below. Inhabited since Neolithic times, this area has had several heydays under the Romans, the Ottomans and the Hapsburgs; now Vukovar is revered for its baroque buildings, parks, churches and monuments.  It was a relaxing day exploring the city and it museums and churches



Some various shots shots of multiple trips to various spots in Croatia below