This was part of Mountain Travel SOBEK 350 mile bike ride through 5 Balkan countries and 5 UNESCO sites and it exceeded our expectations. 

Today we rode thought pine forests, vineyards and olive groves and we stopped at an olive producer to taste the product. 

The olive producer below 


The cute farm animals


From here we rode rolling hills along farm lands

before arriving in Dubrovnik.  We stayed at the 5 star resort and incredible hotel called “The Hotel Dubrovnik Palace” and wow. The 5 star designation is justified here as the amenities, rooms and views were just stunning :  Dinning overlooking the Adriatic 

Swimming into infinity 

and a room to die for 

Dubrovnik is an incredible walled in city but does have quite a few tourists .  I walked around the wall that encircles the city and visited then many shops and ate dinner in the city – it truly is amazing 

It was a great experience