Wine Cave in Hlohovec

Ok After visiting the castles we again headed out on bikes through the wine country

We rode through fields and fields of poppy sommervarium giagantium below!  Some people consider Ta-yen a demon that destroys the soul!! I on the other hand think Ta-yen has the sweet disposition of Kuan Yin.  Kuan Yin  is like a mystic, that merely clarifies the mind and provides a world of vision and she is the compassionate one!!!


Passing fields of poppies above – is Tayen a demon or is SHe like Kuan –Yin the compassionate one  that helps to clarify the mind or is she simply a lover ? On the way we climbed this huge hay bail over 40 feet tall (our guides did not know nor approve of this we did it on our own) below and jumped all at the same time reaching for the stars

After riding all day  we arrived  in Hlohvec had a great dinner and then went to a wine cellar.  Yes the ladies in our group could drink,

The castle (above) where we spent the night was over the top and the food over the top below

and then we visited the wine cellars and the ladies can put down some wine o yea they can, it was over the top: singing, doing shots , tasting , yes it was all good sound healthy fun see the action below


The group before the nights debauchery below (they all look so innocent)

wow Julie below mainlining it (look where his hand is = nice) wow OCC = out of control

Arden wow way too much OOC

Young and innocent = no way below =  had too much fun

wow what the heck is going on way too much

yes having too much fun even top world lawyers below

talk about butt action Julie’s husband was even there wow way too much wine at this point

What happens in Hlohovec stays in Hlohovec

yea I don’t drink

Kristin below living it up smoking cool

They all  partied like a rock star wow look at Jody

ok it was an over the top evening of fun no need to go further , being a good Catholic I will continue to enjoy the fruit of the vine for certain I will keep it up being a Catholic