Rafting Arista

We traveled to Arista in Northern Greece near the Albanian border. Town of Arista is a small village located in the Zagori municipal district in or near the National Park of Vikos. The area is filled with alpine meadows, huge mountains, forests, rivers and wildlife. This was an active vacation with biking, rafting, hiking, fly-fishing  and horseback riding.   We stayed in the Arista Mountain Resort and is was special due to the fine qualities and amenities of the hotel: indoor pool, sauna, reading rooms and quality or rooms as well as fine dinning in a beautiful setting near the small village as well as  the many activities provided. The hotel is designated by National Geographic as a “Unique Lodge of the World”. It was here we went: biking, hiking, river rafting, fly fishing and horseback riding. 

Rafting in Arista Greece was great and provided by “Hellas Trekking”.  We had a great time 

The rivers were placid and snaked their way through the mountains 

The group starting out 

We traveled under old historical bridges


It was a relaxing paddle as we moved forward 


We got some excitement later on going over a 15 foot dam 


After the dam we enjoyed the scenery of serenity  

Having some fun and various shots along the way 


One can also choose to do a more extreme raft and here are some pictures for the more experienced rafter



Ok thank you Hellas Trekking