I have been to Italy a few times and once skiing in from Switzerland from Zermatt but this trip/post was done by my nephew  Tom and his wife  Sarah to Italy. It started in Rome below.

St. Peters Basilica above and outside it below.


Inside St. Peter’s Basilica above. In Rome we started from the Plazza del Popolo or Plaza of the people below


Plazza del Popolo and statue in the plaza below

Trevi Fountain below


Trevi Fountain above and Rome city center shots below


City center below

Cool Rome City center shot

Rome City Center photos above and below

Rome City Center shots above and below

Rome City center shots above

The Colosseum below and shots around there



NEar Colosseum above and below


Hot chick above and cool shots below


F lorence below

The Doumo in Florence above

The Duomo in Florence, Italy above

Tuscany below



Hiking through five towns of Cinque Terre below


It was awesome hiking from town to town on the different islands above and below.



We got to some of the islands by motor boat and other times by sail boat.  The food was incredible see below

It was an awesome trek hiking from town to town on different islands above and below and then we ended up doing Greece below.  We went to Santorini and Athens see below.