Bike desert,

This adventure was created and provided by  Redspokes and we did it in 2019 .  

It was a bicycling trip in Northern Argentina that took us into rainforest


followed by extreamly high 13,700 passes (meters below) = about 13,700 feet

and then into desert

and salt plains. We rode through dramatic ravines, the Andean puna and dazzling white salt flats under cobalt blue skies.

We rode through Indigenous cultures with colonial influences

and very small towns along the way with the locals still going to work on horseback

We biked through thriving vinyards staying at some incredible vineyards and small boutique hotels along the way

We dined quite well as you can see 

fine dining I love it 

All the hotels and vineyards hosted incredible art in their rooms, lobbies and libraries and may had workout facilities and pools 


We also visited some of the finest religious sites and churches one can imagine as well as museums and arts displays.  I went to church almost everyday to give thanks for all we have and to pray for those that are less fortunate and those in need and the sick and poor and finally for those that have gone before us.  

The church had incredible artistic and religious art work on the inside and I went to church everyday  (see tab on left for more information on churches as this is one of the most relegious places in Argentina) 

Every town had a church and even in the middle of emptiness there was a church to give thanks – it was so very special


This trip was an incredible area rich in geographical, historical and contemporary charms and it included many creative arts along the way both music and art.


Our cycling holiday begins in Salta ‘la Linda’ a beautiful colonial city with outstanding architecture and dramatic landscapes. We took the gondola to the top of the mountain before walking the many parks of the city 

From here we cycled to Cafayete along the Calchaquíes valleys, passing through Quebrada de las Conchas, a dramatic sandstone gorge that  dates from the Cretaceous Period.

Cafayate is the second best-known wine region in Argentina after Mendoza, with a fast growing reputation.

We cycle on, discovering ancient indigenous culture and enjoying the unique vistas of Arrows Ravine along Argentina’s longest road, Ruta 40.

We stayed in some small towns

The small towns hosted famous wool weavers 

We visited picturesque Cachi characterised by adobe clay houses and cobblestone streets.

The town also boasts the highest bodega in the world, at an altitude just short of 2,500 m.  Looping back through Los Cardones National Park with a thrilling descent, we enjoy a rest day in Salta walking parks. Our journey then takes us north to discover the wonders of  the Quebrada de Humahuaca world heritage ravine that runs towards Bolivia passing many vicuna and llamas.

The arid yet colorful mountains lead us to rainforest where we went horseback riding and hiking


and hiking demonic trails below

and on to the high-altitude salt flats.


We descend the Lipan Steep and visit the amazing Cerro Siete Colores (Seven Colours Hill) before we end our cycling in San Salador de Juyjuy.  


redspokes Northern Argentina tour is rich in Andean culture, clement weather and challenging cycling. and I would highly recommend this trip for the experienced and adventurous traveler.  

Our guide and friend Alejandro Moreiras was amazing and he made it so special I would highly recommend Ale.  See tab’s to left for more detail or: biking, arts, religion and towns/hotles


a few other shots 



Damn, I look old below wow 


Please see tabs on left for more information on: biking, arts, religion and towns/hotels