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Marco Soria and family (photo below), the owner of BOLIVIAN JOURNEYS did a great job providing excellent service and great friendship.


They can be located @  While in Bolivia we

Climbed Parinacota (21,850 feet) is an active (fumeroles) stratovolcano



Biked the “Death Road” below

From the start (above) at 15,200 feet  it pauses for a while on the snow-flecked crest of the Andes before pitching – like a giant white-knuckle ride – into the abyss descending to about 11,000 feet to an elevation of 4,000 feet – wow an 11,000 foot descent over 40 miles = cool

Video from our friends below



Drove through the Solar De Uyuni below where the average elevation is about 13,000 feet.  This is the driest area on the planet.

The  Salar De Uyuni in Bolivia  is covered to a depth by 30 feet of crystal white salt crust that is as flat as a pancake that floats over a pool of salt water.

Set a world record for driving a Toyota off road to the highest elevation

Below at the highest level at 17,500 = wow congratulations and I can say I helped them succeed.


Visited Lake Titcaca below

 and visited museums in La Paz below