Amazon Kayak

This trip was provided by Mountain Travel SOBEK

While in the Amazon we stayed at Iguazu Falls, (see tab at left for more details ) and on the Tucano motor yacht and it was amazing with more details below. We rafted below at Iguazu falls

The rating was awesome.  For some reason my GoPro photos did not turn out but here are some and it was really fun for about 2 hours.

me at the start

and kicking it below

We also went river boating up to the falls below, different than rafting and we went under or close to the falls and got soaking wet

From Manaus we departed on the Tucano a top notch motor yacht . From the motor yacht, ee went canoeing in pristine waters with the mirror of eternity

WE travel deep into the jungle below

Getting in deep

Saw the reverse transcript of of eternity below

pretty incredible


wow the reverse transcript of life above and below and saw incredible things and this is a bug below

paddling out below

we went kayaking into the deepness of the jungle

our home below with incredible sunsets


In the evening we would go out to see the creatures of the night on paddle canoes or just canoe


and we would see cool animals (see tab on left for more details)



scenes from the boat below