These are my four wives that travel with me. Am I having fun

We had decided to take a trip to investigate the historical and archeological sites of Peru, which included the towns of Lima, Macchu Picchu, Cusco and Lake Titicaca. Our group consisted of fourteen individuals from around the United States, all were well educated, diverse with interesting CV’s.  Eight of us had been friends for decades.!

Excitement mounted on the day of departure.

These are my “hot chicks”  where are your seriously??

We all met in Miami for our flight to Lima and all fourteen of us immediately became fast friends.  Our midnight departure for Lima was an eight hour ordeal and on departure, we took the sky like a bird in flight as we were whisked away behind the stars to a strange new land.

Lima is an international cosmopolitan city with over eight million inhabitants.

It is one of the largest desert cities in the world overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  The large city is inundated with barrios housing the world’s largest shanty town –a 350,000 person squatter’s community.  However, Lima also sports many fine luxurious and European designed condominiums, shopping malls, restaurants, street side cafes, bars and historical sites. The city has many green walking paths along the coastline.  Lazily meandering these vegetative pathways while overlooking the clear blue waters of the Pacific and feeling the cool soothing breezes caress your face, is a very welcomed activity after a day of visiting temples and engaging the hustle and bustle of active city life.

Upon landing we were transported to the Miraflores Hotel in Miraflores, an upscale, fashionable and quiet neighborhood of Lima.  The lovely and well appointed small hotel is a converted 20th century Spanish Colonial home. Its twenty some rooms are finely decorated in antique Peruvian and Colonial art pieces and its small restaurant served fine pisco sours, good beer, fine wines and scrumptious appetizers. From the roof top deck overlooking the city, we had many fine cocktail parties during the early evening. It was from the hotel that we explored the surrounding areas, which offered the excitement of cultural and artistic activities, fine shops and restaurants and access to historic sites and museums.

We visited the National Museum of Anthropology, Bolivar Square named for Simon Bolivar the liberator of South America and Pachacamac the largest archeological site in Lima.

Pachacamac Temple means “he who created land and time “and the structure was pyramid in shape was made of adobe mud bricks and was used largely as a temple for ceremonial purposes.  It is the compilation of many centuries of construction by many varying tribes and is quite older than the Inca’s time of rule, dating back to the birth of Christ.

We went to the theater

Very cool costumes

We went to view one of the dances in the cosmopolitain city of Lima.

Now how cute is one of my wives, we make a great looking couple.  We were having a few cocktails here sipping Pisco Sours.

One pleasantly warm evening we were sipping Pisco Sours and downing scrumptious hors devours at a fine cliff-side restaurant precariously cantilevered over the all encompassing Blue Pacific. We watched the light from the golden, orange and scarlet orb that seemed to float just above the hazy horizon extinguish itself by slowly disappearing into the deep blue waters of the expansive pacific.  The wind chimes sent their songs with the wind and I listened to the southing sounds of the waves as they continuously massaged the round pebbles and rocks on the shore line below us, we all went into a pleasant dream.

Drinking Pisco sours.

From Lima, we traveled to Cusco.  It is set high in the Andes at about 11,000 feet and upon landing, we all felt the effects of the high and dry elevation and the decreased oxygen content of the air.  Headaches, lethargy, and shortness of breath with any physical output happened to all of us.  However, with days passing we adjusted quite well.

From Lima, we traveled to Cusco, the land of Cathedrals see below