We were blessed to be invited to Maine to the town of Damariscotta by our dear friends Doug and Stephanie Rice.  We took our adopted son Mathew from France and we had a great time – thank you Doug and a party was had!!

The town was at one time inhabited by an Indian tribe and is now a great place to go for adventure sports which included biking, water sports and some lite hiking and there was gold and tennis which we did not get a chance to do . Doug owns a home up there and it is near a golf course and we rode bikes

to the famous light house

and what views of the waters

One day we all went kayaking and it was so much fun

We also went boating in the bays

Another day we bikes to this old fort

great shots of the bay 

We also had a few other friends join us like Billy and Jim and here are a few other shots to close you this great trip and I would recommend visiting this great town