Aspen 2019

Party Up Aspen 2019

A group of us went out to aspen again for our 20th year at the Hearthstone


Where we partied with our local friend Chris Warner one of the greatest mountain climbers of all times and successful business man and leaders in our society

During the evening some of us went to the world class Ballet

The Symphony 

The theater

In the mornings we always started with a Yoga like meditation 

After the Yoga and breakfast we went biking to places like: Castle Creek, Basalt on the bike trail, Maroon Lake to name some. 

We biked up Castle Creek 


to Pine Creek Cookhouse where we had incredible lunches 

WE biked down valleyon the bike trail with no traffic 

WE followed the bike path along the roaring fork to Basalt where we had incredible lunches at the Riverside Inn.  There is great fly fishing here as well and guides and so on!!


Some of us went Mountain biking doing the Buttermilk loop

into the Government trail and Tim and Mike did the Government trail from Snomass and it was awesome 


WE all went hiking on various treks some as long as 10 miles other as short as 3 miles but all with significant elevation and the treks included: Ute Trail to top of Aspen Mountain, Electric Pass, Cathedral Lake, Maroon Lake to Crater Lake to Buckskin pass, Continental Divide from Independence pass are some of the hikes, 




nice snow below 

Some went fly fishing and saw moose


We also saw goats

We held a wedding for our kids from Germany


                                                                            Various shots below

Party around at the Gondola 

and party at the pool area after the wedding


and up at Pine Creek Cookhouse

starting with our wonderful child from Kyrgyzstan and her husband and their child below and our adopted kids from Germany above 

They went to Snomass to Zip line and alpine coaster and ropes challenge course


They saw and one can do hot air ballooning

Various shots below Hiking from Maroon Bells to Crater Lake below 

enjoying the snow

Hunter creek trail 


Erin coming down from Buckskin pass

Shot from Gondola