Cayman Island

This was written by my good friend Mike that bike rides with me.  This is about his many trips to the Cayman Islands for diving and relaxation.

Those who seek a sport that has no limits of size, age or skill will find true joy in scuba diving. A recreational diver for over 20 years, I have found the warm waters and pristine reefs of the Cayman Islands to be a fascinating underwater world of colorful aquatic animal and plant life, and an underwater photographer’s dream.

Because the reefs are part of a National Park, they are protected against those who would spoil the natural beauty of this treasured spot where you are invited to explore the many sites, “swim-thorough openings and arches” and colorful coral formations unlike anywhere else in the world.

You can dive in crystal clear waters of 80 degree temperatures,  with a sensation like floating through space.