Delaware Wedding 2021

In fall of 2021, we went to Wilmington Delaware to celebrate Amanda’s and Colin’s  wedding and what a wedding it was.  On our way there we stopped at Longwood Gardens and they are rated the top in the world, Some photos below 

From here we went to the famous and incredible DuPont Hotel that blew me away in its excellence in all categories, Photos below with a grand welcome

The hotel was filled with exceptional art and had art galleries.  Below are a few examples


Each and every room and hallway and meeting room was excellent and the dinning below incredible


The next day the group got ready for the wedding below 

and were transported from the Dupont Hotel to the incredible Winterthur Museum and Gardens below


At one time the estate was located on well over 1,000 acres and today the property is filled with hiking trails and beautiful gardens

the mansion is close to 100,000 square feet one of the largest in the United States and here is another shot below.

I had a private tour and the rooms were awesome 

Then the wedding started and it was perfect with a great personal service and fine dinning and music


A few More shots of the mansion below