Kill, War, Death

DO NOT READ THIS SECTION UNLESS YOU ARE PREPARED FOR DEMENTED WRITINGS ABOUT WAR <WAR IS DEMENTED< UGLY< SAD< PAINFUL< THIS SECTION IS ABOUT THE PAIN AND SUFFERING AND DEMENTEDNESS OF WAR.PLEASE DO NOT READ THE SECTION “KILL WAR DEATH” as it is brutally demented as war is ugly and filled with pain, sadness, sorrow and death.  Some of the Kill war and death stories are written in the first person meaning it may sound like I have killed humans and I have not.  It is a story of what I saw and what happened in the places I have visited and so I wrote the stories in the first person – I do not kill,  even animals I do not kill.
Dude, don’t mess with me!  I am a sharpshooter with expert rating with bars and have a lot of hours and rounds fired under my belt.  If you want, I will go 800 meters or up close it does not matter. Yes that is me below with some very hot new weapon and Ask Ron it is loud and brings the violence of the sun to its enemies!! Two photos below is me in Islamabad before heading out to the Tribal areas


Above is me in Islamabad.

Yes we carry:  We carry in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Guatemala and Columbia.  Fully auto in Pakistan and Afghanistan and 9 MM side arms in Guatemala and Columbia.  Below is the tribal area connection for some cool shi* that goes bang and or boom!!

Below are my men, my armed escort up near the Afghanistan border and I love the bandalarios!!

These dudes below are my safety blanket in Dara Pakistan.  You can trust them with your lives!! And I mean that.

Above, is the 800 meter 338 Magnum.  Yes lets go head to head.  You will loose yours!!Below near Afghanistan border with Tribal BSF officers.

Below, She will waste you without a thought and do not ask as private contractors are invisible


Even Mom gets into the game, fully auto and she shot fairly well

All of these writings are a function of my travels.  I have almost never gone on a “TOUR” instead seeking out distant places that are in conflict or where the conflict just ended.  As an example in Afghanistan I saw: bombed out buildings and a Hazara executed  by a group of Pathans because they thought he was a spy.  I visited Darjeeling India (free Gurkha Movement and north central Nepal ( Maoist Movement) and witnessed blown-up homes, burned out buildings and military posts under full alert. I had a personal visit with Afridi (heroin Warlord Afghanistan) and tried to meet Ku Sha Burmeese Warlord. I saw a man bleed out before my eyes that stepped on a mine  in Cambodia and volunteered in a hospital in Nepal and Missouri in Northern India.  I met with the head of the Peruvian Military (COUNTER INSURGENCY) Sendero Luminoso in Peru -now that was very cool.  And I traveled with opium smugglers in India and stayed in opium smuggling tiny villages in Thailand – Burma and got busted there.
These writings are stories that relate to those experiences and they are meant to be controversial, shocking and make people think about things that are uncomfortable or not used to.  Items like suicide, euthanasia, killing, war, drug use, War Lords and so on are what many of these stories are about.  I hope you enjoy them and think about some of the things that come to you mind.